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2017 Group News

December 22, Zongtao’s paper entitled “Invetigation of 20S-hydroxylvitamin D3 analogs and their 1a-OH derivatives as potent vitamin D receptor agonists with anti-inflammatory activities” is accepted by Scientific Reports (IF=4.26). This marks the perfect completion of Zongtao’s tenure at UTHSC for publishing all his work in the PhD study, and we wish Dr. Lin the continued success at U. Penn.  

December 19, The Li lab is one of the four receipients of the 2018 West Cancer Center Research Award grant. This work is based on the Shanshan’s work in breast cancer in collaboration with Dr. Tiffany Seagroves’ lab.

December 1, Kinsie passed her PhD candidancy written and oral exams and formally entered the PhD program. Congratulations to Kinsie.

November 1, Kinsie’s paper on DJ101 as a new generation of tubulin inhibitor is accepted in Cancer Research (IF=9.3). Congratulations to Kinsie, Dong-Jin from Dr. Miller’s lab and all of our collaborators for this big accomplishment!

October 17, Hao made contributions to the project led by our collaborator, Dr. Darryl Quarles in UTHSC College of Medicine, and co-authored a paper accepted today in Journal of Clinical Investigation (IF=12.8). Congratulations to Hao as a co-author on this high impact paper.

September 19, Qinghui’s paper in collaboration with Dr. Yue’s lab on the role of survivin in ovairan cancer is accepted in Oncotarget, (IF=5.17). Congratulations to Qinghui who is now enjoying the new life at NYC.

August 16, Zongtao’s paper on the synthesis and biological testing of 1,20-D3 is accepted in Scientific Reports (IF=4.26), congratulations to Zongtao, Hao, Jim and all other co-authors.

August 14, the Li lab welcomes three new graduate students this fall, Luke from China, Najah from Saudi, and Brandon from Atlanta. Luke and Najah will work on chemistry, and Brandon will work on biology.

August 11Zongtao will join University of Pensylvinia as a postdoctoral researcher starting from September 1. Qinghui will join Cornell Medical School in NYC as a postdoctoral researcher starting September 1. Both Zongtao and Qinghui are in the Medicinal Chemistry track. Congratulations to Zongtao and Qinghui, for their hard work in the past five years and the advancement in their professional careers. The group and our collaborators will miss the them a LOT and wish the best for their career development!