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Group Members

Current lab members:

PI: Wei Li, Ph.D.

 Associate ProfessorDr. Zhong (Jim) Wu: MDM2 and TRPC3 projects — chemistry.

Assistant Professor, Dr. Hao Chen: Tubulin project and MDM2 project — chemistry.

Research Associate, Dr. Vijay Boda. TRP channel inhibitor project — chemistry

Research Associate, Dr. Yang Xie:  Tubulin and MDM2 projects — biology.

Postdoctoral Researcher, Dr. Zisong Qi


Graduate Student

Dr. Jiaxing Wang (2019-2024):  TRP ion channel projects — biology. Defended on 5/21/2024

Ms. Rui Wang (2019-):  tubulin project — biology

Ms. Kelli Hartman (2020-):  tubulin project — biology.

Ms. Shelby Waddell: (2022-) biology

  Mr. Shahriar Kamal  (2023-): Chemistry

Ms Lily Ann Waltz (2024-): Biology.


Group Members (missing Vijay) as of March 2024.

From left to right:

Lily (rotation PhD student), Shelby, Rui, Yang, Zisong, Mir, Deendyal, Wei, Jim, Hao, Jiaxing, and Kelli. Vijay is missing in this picture due to vacation.