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Previous Members

Previous group members and summer/rotation members and separation from the Li lab or the last known position:

  1.  Mr. Radomir Slominski, summer intern (Emory), summer of 2004, M.D. residence at University of Alabama at Birmingham.
  2. Mr. Jinghu Li, Ph.D. candidate, 2004-2005, transferred to UIUC
  3. Mr. Chris Scheid, summer intern (The College of William & Mary), summer of 2008
  4. Dr. Zhao Wang, Ph.D. student focus on  Biological track (2005-2010), FDA officer.
  5. Dr. Jianjun Chen, Ph.D. student focus on Medicinal Chemistry track (2006-2011), full professor, Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China.
  6. Ms. Ashley Vorenkamp, Summer Research Scholar from Louisiana State University, summer of 2010.
  7. Ms. Victoria Strong, Tennessee State University, Summer of 2011
  8. Dr. Dajun Chen, Postdoc researcher focus on Medicinal Chemistry, 2012, manager a CRO in Shanghai, China.
  9. Ms. Whitney Bogus, Summer Research Scholar from Tennessee Tech University, Summer of 2013
  10. Ms. Rachel Ness, UTHSC dual degree PharmD/PhD student, lab rotation, summer 2013. Pharmacist.
  11. Dr. Reddy Marepally, Postdoc researcher focus on Medicinal Chemistry, 2013-2015, a scientist in a CRO at Houston.
  12. Dr. Jin Wang, Ph.D. student focus on Biological track (2010-2015), Abbivie, Inc.
  13. Dr. Min Xiao, PhD student focus on Medicinal Chemistry track (2010-2015), computer scientist.
  14. Dr. Zongtao Lin, PhD student  focus on Medicinal Chemistry track (2012-2017), postdoc at U. Penn.
  15. Dr. Qinghui Wang, PhD student focus on Medicinal Chemistry track  (2012-2017), postdoc at Medical College of Cornel University followed by Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC.
  16. Dr. Kinsie Arnst, PhD student focused on biological studies (2014-2018), postdoc at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX.
  17. Dr. Hongmei Cui, Postdoc researcher focused in biology (2018-2019). Full professor at Lanzhou University, China.
  18. Dr. Foyez Mahamad, postdoc researcher focused in lung cancer (2018-2019). Postdoc at Rice University.
  19. Dr. Shanshan Deng, PhD student focusing on biological studies (2016-2020). Postdoc at UCSF.
  20. Dr. Sicheng Zhang, Postdoctoral Fellow (2018-2021), returned to China to unite with family.